Will Assets in My Living Trust Be Counted By Medicaid?

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The Medicaid program will pay for long-term care. You may hear this statement and shrug your shoulders, because you will never qualify for Medicaid, and you will qualify for Medicare by the time you require living assistance. This reaction makes sense on the surface, but when you dig into the facts, you will see a… Read more »

Why Is Medicaid Planning Relevant If I’m Healthy?

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Medicaid is a need-based, government run health insurance program that pays for most of the nursing home care that is received by seniors in the United States. As a result, Medicaid planning is important to a significant percentage of seniors, but some people do not understand why. It can be difficult to seriously consider contingencies… Read more »

Aging Parents and Nursing Home Costs

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Nursing home costs can be a source of concern if you are an adult with parents who are getting on in years. In fact, the majority of elders will someday need help with their activities of daily living, and it is very expensive. The median annual cost for a year in a nursing home nationally… Read more »

New Numbers Examine Elder Care

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The number of Americans who provide elder care to a friend, family member, or loved one continues to grow, according to new figures released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a part of its American Time Use Survey, an ongoing survey conducted throughout the year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics investigates how Americans… Read more »

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