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Can a Person With Dementia Change Their Will

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When faced with the realities of dementia, individuals and their families often find themselves navigating uncharted waters. Among the myriad of concerns, one issue stands out – “Can a person with dementia change their will in Texas?” At the Vermillion Law Firm LLC, we understand the anxiety and confusion that comes with such concerns. This… Read more »

Evidence Needed To Contest a Will

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A will is a legal document that distributes assets the way you have chosen after your death. There are reasons why you might consider contesting a will. For example, it could be fraudulent or not accurately reflect the deceased’s intent. You may believe that the deceased was under duress when creating the will and therefore… Read more »

Who Can Contest a Will?

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An individual’s last will and testament is the primary document on which a probate procedure is based. While there are ways to pre-emptively avoid probate through the use of smart estate planning techniques, wills in Texas and other states can be subject to probate – a process by which the court determines how the estate… Read more »

Estate Planning Is for Everyone

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The process of estate planning is often thought of as something that is only important for people who have reached an advanced age. We all know that  senior citizens are more likely to pass away than their younger counterparts, but in truth,  all responsible adults should have an estate plan in place. There have been… Read more »

Texas Estate Planning Tip Sheet

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Tip 1. Your estate is what you leave behind after you die. Everyone has an estate. Whether you are wealthy, old, young, a parent, single, or anything else, you have, or more specifically will have, an estate. Your estate is simply the collection of possessions, money, and other property you leave behind after you die,… Read more »

What Is an Incentive Trust?

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When you are planning your estate, passing along resources directly with no strings attached can be perfectly acceptable for some established people on your inheritance list. At the same time, there could be people in the family who could use some guidance. Under these circumstances, you could consider the creation of an incentive trust. With… Read more »

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