What Is the Veterans A & A Pension?

What Is the Veterans A & A Pension? - Asset Protection & Business Planning Lawyer - Dallas, Texas Anyone who has ever served honorably in the United States Armed Forces has done a great deal for our country, and veterans deserve rewards for their service. However, the matter is even more profound when you have served your country during a time of war. This is the ultimate sacrifice.

If you have served our country during a time of war, you may qualify for a special pension that can come in quite handy when you attain senior citizen status. The name of this pension is the Veterans Aid and Attendance Special Pension, or Veterans A & A.

When you are looking ahead toward your senior years, you should understand the lay of the land when it comes to long-term care costs. Most people who have attained senior citizen status will ultimately require help with their activities of daily living. According to  the government website LongTermCare.gov, the figure is 70 percent.

When you pay taxes, you pay into the Medicare program. At the present time, the age of eligibility for Medicare coverage is 65. If you are going to qualify for Medicare, you may not be concerned about long-term care costs, but in fact, the program does not pay for living assistance.

Long-term care is extremely expensive. Around the country, the average annual charge for a private room is $90,000, and prices are rising all the time.

If you are a veteran, the Veterans A & A Special Pension can provide a solution, at least in part. This program is set up to help veterans absorb long-term care costs. To qualify, you have to provide medical proof that you need help with your day-to-day needs, and you must also stay within asset limits. Generally speaking, the limit on countable assets is $80,000, but your house and your vehicle are not counted.

When it comes to length of service, to qualify for Veterans A & A, at least 90 days of active service is required, with a minimum of one of these days beginning or ending during a time of war.

At the present time, a single veteran who is qualified for the Veterans A & A Special Pension can receive a monthly payout of $1788. A married couple can potentially qualify for as much as $2120 each month.

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We have provided a bit of basic information in this brief blog post, but you can learn all the facts about the Veterans A & A Special Pension if you download our in-depth report. This report will explain everything in detail, and you can access your copy through this website absolutely free of charge.

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