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Business Succession Plans – Why You Need One

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Succession planning for a large corporate enterprise is about finding the right person to inherit a particular job. In contrast, business succession planning for small businesses is critical. It’s all about the long-term survival of the company you worked so hard to build. What Is Business Succession Planning? Succession planning consists of developing and implementing… Read more »

Who Needs An Estate Plan?

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Who Needs An Estate Plan? There is often a common belief that estate planning is only for the wealthy because they are the ones that hold substantial assets. However, this is untrue. Everyone should consider asset planning. Even if you do not have valuable art, an expensive home, businesses, or a large Individual Retirement Account… Read more »

4 Common Reasons for Contesting a Will

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It may not come as much of a surprise that family members contesting a will is quite common. Even if you try hard to eliminate the chance of family disputes, you may not be completely successful. However, you can take steps to avoid family squabbles over inheritance if you understand some of the common reasons… Read more »

Business Succession Planning in Dallas

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While an estate plan helps to protect your assets from taxes and creditors and allows you to control how your property will be distributed, a business succession plan can help you make sure that your business will be protected and management will be transferred to the individuals you choose after you retire, or upon your… Read more »

What You Should Know about VA Benefits

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For veterans in Texas, there are many special benefits available, including Property Tax Exemptions, State Retirement Benefits, Veterans Home Improvement Loan Program, and Veterans Employment Preference, just to name a few.  Eligibility for some VA benefits depends on factors such as residency, military component and Veteran disability status. Those with the highest preference in some… Read more »

How IRAs can be used in Texas Retirement Planning

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It is never too late to start working on your retirement planning. You shouldn’t make the mistake of relying solely on your Social Security benefits to provide for a comfortable retirement. Instead, be proactive and create your comprehensive retirement plan now so that you can truly enjoy your retirement. Individual Retirement Accounts are an easy… Read more »

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