Special Needs Planning

Dallas REACH Center Provides Independent Living Resources for Residents with Special Needs

The need for people with special needs to be able to lead self-directed, independent lives is paramount.  Providing those types of services, and educating the general public about topics affecting individuals with disabilities, is the mission of the Dallas REACH Resource Center. In providing these important services, REACH can go a long way toward promoting… Continue Reading

Estate Planning Is for Everyone

The process of estate planning is often thought of as something that is only important for people who have reached an advanced age. We all know that  senior citizens are more likely to pass away than their younger counterparts, but in truth,  all responsible adults should have an estate plan in place. There have been… Continue Reading

What Is a Supplemental Needs Trust?

A supplemental needs trust can be useful if you want to provide for someone that you love who has a disability. We will look at the facts in this blog post. SSI People with disabilities oftentimes rely on the Supplemental Security Income program. This program provides income for people with special needs who are not… Continue Reading

What Is a First Party Special Needs Trust?

A first party special needs trust is a type of trust that could be used by someone who is disabled. People with disabilities often rely on government benefits that are only available to people who can prove that they have financial need. One of them is Medicaid, which is a government run health insurance program…. Continue Reading

Can I Protect My Injury Settlement With a Special Needs Trust?

People with disabilities often rely on government benefit programs that are only available to people with a significant level of financial need. Medicaid provides health care insurance, and this is one of the benefits that people with special needs often rely upon. For income, many individuals with disabilities rely on Supplemental Security Income or SSI…. Continue Reading

Can a Person With a Disability Create a Trust to Preserve Benefits?

Before we address the question that serves as the title of this post, we should provide some background information about Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, and the plight of disabled individuals. Need-Based Government Benefits Medicaid is a jointly administered state/federal government health insurance program that can potentially be available to financially needy individuals. Because it is… Continue Reading

What Is the Veterans A & A Pension?

Anyone who has ever served honorably in the United States Armed Forces has done a great deal for our country, and veterans deserve rewards for their service. However, the matter is even more profound when you have served your country during a time of war. This is the ultimate sacrifice. If you have served our… Continue Reading

What Is Nursing Home Asset Protection?

When you hear the term “nursing home asset protection,” you may scratch your head a bit. First of all, you may assume that it is unlikely that you will ever need nursing home care. Secondly, you may be under the impression that Medicare will pay for nursing home care if you ever need it. In… Continue Reading

Estate Planning Steps When You Have a Special Needs Child

Parents of a special needs child who live in the Dallas, Texas area need to do a little extra work when it comes to estate planning. Whether you have already created an estate plan and have recently had a child with special needs, or you are now just getting around to creating a plan, there… Continue Reading