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Special Needs Planning

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Special needs planning involves ensuring the continued care of your Dallas area special-needs loved one when you can no longer do so. If you have a loved one whose disability requires care after you’re gone, now is the time to begin planning for that care. What Is a Special Needs Plan? A Texas special needs… Read more »

Dallas REACH Center Provides Independent Living Resources for Residents with Special Needs

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The need for people with special needs to be able to lead self-directed, independent lives is paramount.  Providing those types of services, and educating the general public about topics affecting individuals with disabilities, is the mission of the Dallas REACH Resource Center. In providing these important services, REACH can go a long way toward promoting… Read more »

Estate Planning Is for Everyone

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The process of estate planning is often thought of as something that is only important for people who have reached an advanced age. We all know that  senior citizens are more likely to pass away than their younger counterparts, but in truth,  all responsible adults should have an estate plan in place. There have been… Read more »

Can I Protect My Injury Settlement With a Special Needs Trust?

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People with disabilities often rely on government benefit programs that are only available to people with a significant level of financial need. Medicaid provides health care insurance, and this is one of the benefits that people with special needs often rely upon. For income, many individuals with disabilities rely on Supplemental Security Income or SSI…. Read more »

Can a Person With a Disability Create a Trust to Preserve Benefits?

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Before we address the question that serves as the title of this post, we should provide some background information about Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, and the plight of disabled individuals. Need-Based Government Benefits Medicaid is a jointly administered state/federal government health insurance program that can potentially be available to financially needy individuals. Because it is… Read more »

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