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“John was extremely helpful to us in our process of navigating elder care for my stepdad. He explained everything that we need to do and gave us some good resources. I will definitely be going back to him when it’s time to put my mother in a nursing home.” – Jeremy W
“Very helpful and knowledgeable. Easy to work with! Helped our family a lot.” – Diane G
“Compassion. Expertise. Perseverance in the pursuit of justice. There are no adequate words to describe what Jennifer Vermillion brings to the table. Trying to assist my father from across the country would have been an impossible task without Jennifer taking the reins and leading us through a process filled with innumerable hurdles, difficult personalities and a few land mines. She never wavered and managed to accomplish miracles. Highly recommended” – A and S Meher
“John Vermillion is our Texas hero! My family had set up an irrevocable trust in California back in the late 1990’s, that owned commercial property in the state. Recently, we sold that and bought property in Texas and needed to set up a DBA. Call the state, they can’t help us. Call the county, same answer. Call the city…same. Call John Vermillion and he asks for a day to do a bit of looking and tells us that it’s a county issue. We call the county, and they say, NO DICE, he’s wrong. He explains things a bit further and same answer, they cannot help. A few weeks goes by and we get a call from the county saying, “Mr. Vermillion was right after all and we changed our paperwork and website to reflect what he found.” Not often does that happen, but without Vermillion Law, we would not be able to file for a DBA. THANK YOU for how you handled this one Mr. Vermillion” – Dustin W
“I am from NY but, my father passed away in Texas. Through phone and email conversations Jennifer walked me through this complicated and not always timely process. We took the process one step at a time and when there was a branching where we could go into different directions, Jennifer explained my options and what she believed was best for me, not what put the most dollars into her pocket. She was supportive of my decision and did not attempt to sway me from making personal attempts at parts of the process I could do. In the same breath she was there when I asked for extra help. I would recommend her.” – Christopher

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