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About Our Firm

Based in Dallas, Texas. Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tennessee.
The Vermillion Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping you receive what you are legally entitled to and diligently protecting your hard-earned wealth so it endures for future generations.

We will do house calls for our Senior clients.


A Handbook of Estate Planning

A Handbook of
Estate Planning

In Texas, Oklahoma,
Lousiana, & Tennessee

Asset Protection & Business Planning

Our team of asset protection lawyers gives sound advice on how to protect your assets best. Our business planning lawyers counsel the best direction to take your business, whether you are just starting it or need a business succession plan. We help you:

  • Keep your personal assets safe.
  • Protect your interests in your investment in the business.
  • Ensure your business can continue to grow and survive after you are gone.
  • Develop a sound business plan to make it all happen.
  • And more…

Elder Law, Medicaid, And Veterans Administration Benefits Planning

Given these legal areas’ complex nature and ever-changing landscape, having an elder law attorney, Medicaid lawyer, or Veterans Administration attorney is crucial. We have the knowledge and resources to guide you through various scenarios, from planning for future nursing home care to obtaining Medicaid coverage for long-term care or maximizing your benefits from military service.

Estate Planning Services

Proper estate planning ensures control of your wealth after passing, and failure to comply with the law can result in loved ones receiving less. The process is challenging, and even a small mistake can lead to significant consequences. Our estate planning attorneys specialize in protecting you from creditors, ex-spouses, estate taxes, and probate fees.

Family-owned Businesses And Farms

We understand the unique challenges family-owned businesses and farms face. Whether facing estate taxes that substantially threaten family farms or navigating incorporating your business into a company, we help you do so successfully and preserve as much of your wealth as possible.

Incapacity Planning

Incapacity can happen anytime, leaving you unable to express your wishes regarding medical care, asset management, and property. Our lawyers provide fully compliant and thorough documentation, including power of attorney, to ensure your desires are carried out even if you cannot communicate them yourself.

IRA And Retirement Planning

We tailor our services depending on your stage in life. For older clients, we prioritize maximizing retirement income. For younger clients, we focus on saving and offer guidance on tax-advantaged accounts like Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, Simple IRAs, and SEP-IRAs, each with unique investment and taxation rules.

Legacy Planning

Planning for your legacy allows your family to maintain the strong connections you have built over your lifetime. It also allows you to make lasting charitable donations to causes that are meaningful to you.

LGBT Estate Planning

LGBT individuals face unique challenges due to less detailed legal guidelines. Our decades of experience in estate planning assist LGBT individuals and non-traditional families with legal resources and tools to protect them and prepare them for the future.

Pet Planning

Pets are cherished members of many families, and ensuring their well-being is as important as any other family member. Therefore, planning their care after you pass away is crucial. We can help you create such a plan, providing peace of mind that your loyal companion is taken care of according to your wishes.

Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning is crucial when gifting or leaving an inheritance to someone with disabilities. Government benefits like SSI and Medicaid can be lost due to the inheritance of money and property, but special needs planning can prevent this. Special needs planning also ensures proper management of the funds and property. We help you with it all.

Trust Administration And Probate

Our trust administration attorneys ensure your protection from creditors, prompt transfer of assets if you are a beneficiary, and advocacy if you are a relative or friend of the deceased and wish to challenge the validity of their will during the probate process.

Veteran’s Affairs

We assist you in handling any concerns related to your VA benefits or services, even fighting for the VA disability compensation you are entitled. In addition, we can help you in other VA benefit and service areas, including education, health care, and records.

Estate And Gift Tax Figures

We help you navigate federal estate and gift taxes so you can pass on as much to loved ones or charities as possible. These complex laws are confusing, but we keep everything simple for you and ensure you maximize your giving.


About The Attorney

Attorney Profile
John R. Vermillion

John R. Vermillion works as an estate planning and probate attorney and is licensed to practice in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. He served for many years as corporate counsel and Vice President of a private independent oil and gas company.

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Superior Service

We have the skills and resources to handle the most complex cases. We receive many referral cases from other law firms because of our strong litigation skills and experience. Other attorneys have even retained us to represent them in lawsuits in which they are personally involved!

Personalized Assistance

We bring exceptional personal service to your case and pride ourselves on maintaining personal contact. Clients rarely meet the lead attorney with larger firms. However, we realize your case is more than a mere transaction; it significantly impacts your life. Therefore, we endeavor to be hands-on and provide generous access to attorneys so you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Allow You To Focus On What Matters

Our aim is to keep you out of the courtroom as much as possible: we strive to prevent guardianships if incapacity occurs and probate in the event of death, allowing you to be present for or remember your loved ones without added stress or distraction.

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