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Evidence Needed To Contest a Will

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A will is a legal document that distributes assets the way you have chosen after your death. There are reasons why you might consider contesting a will. For example, it could be fraudulent or not accurately reflect the deceased’s intent. You may believe that the deceased was under duress when creating the will and therefore… Read more »

Who Can Contest a Will?

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An individual’s last will and testament is the primary document on which a probate procedure is based. While there are ways to pre-emptively avoid probate through the use of smart estate planning techniques, wills in Texas and other states can be subject to probate – a process by which the court determines how the estate… Read more »

Elder Law – Long Term Care Options

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If you or a loved one is reaching the golden age, you are probably considering your options or their options for healthcare and general assistance as the aging process progresses. Long term care is one common option that families find helpful as their loved one ages. While home care services for the elderly might sound… Read more »

Can Irrevocable Trusts Be Altered?

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An irrevocable trust can be an integral part of estate planning. There are specific rules and regulations regarding irrevocable trusts in Texas. In most cases, it cannot be altered or terminated. So, before creating one, all considerations must be taken into account. If you are in need of a Dallas trust attorney, count on the… Read more »

How Trust Administration Works After Death

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A trustee is someone with a legal obligation to manage the trust property for the benefit of the beneficiaries per the terms of the trust agreement. If the settlor dies, the trustee becomes responsible for administering the trust according to the terms of the trust agreement and applicable state law. If the trustee fails to… Read more »

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