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Financial Planning Assistance

Financial planning is the key to achieving economic security for your golden years and to being able to leave behind a legacy for your loved ones. Whether you have a large nest egg to protect or are just getting started and want to get serious about making smart choices for money management, you need to get the knowledgeable advice which will put you on the path to financial success.

Vermillion Law Firm, LLC is focused on helping individuals and families to plan for a secure future. We provide assistance to you at all phases of your life, career, and wealth-building process. Whether you need to know how much to save and how to structure your savings or you are concerned about making your money last through retirement or are worried about protecting your estate from taxes, we can offer you personalized one-on-one advice to address your financial issues. Give us a call now to learn how we can help you and to get answers to key questions including:

  • Who should get financial planning assistance?
  • What kind of financial planning assistance is available?
  • How can a Dallas, TX financial planning lawyer help you?

Who Should Get Financial Planning Assistance?

Financial planning assistance is something which can be beneficial both to people who want to grow wealth and to people who have already built up a significant amount of savings. Without a detailed plan for how much to invest, how to invest it, when to withdraw, how to reduce taxes, and how to protect assets from creditors, you remain vulnerable to loss.  

When you take affirmative steps to grow and protect your money strategically, you can build wealth more quickly and you can ensure that the money and assets you worked hard to acquire are safe from loss. At Vermillion Law Firm, LLC, we believe that every client’s goals are very important so we provide you with the personalized attention you deserve, regardless of the size of your current estate.

What Kind of Financial Planning Assistance is Available?

Vermillion Law Firm, LLC provides personalized advice aimed at helping you to achieve your specific financial goals. We can help you to define your dreams, to determine what steps you need to take to achieve them, and to determine how to make use of all available legal tools to protect the wealth you have accrued. Depending upon your unique needs, some of the different types of financial planning assistance we can offer include:

  • Developing an investment plan to meet goals like saving for retirement, for a home, or for your child’s education.
  • Determining how you can benefit from the use of tax-advantaged accounts like IRAs to make it easier to invest by reducing the taxes you will pay.
  • Structuring the ownership of your property and assets to put your money beyond the reach of creditors and to protect your nest egg.
  • Developing a plan for the payment of long-term care costs by Medicaid, without spending down your assets so you will not have to worry about squandering your retirement savings if you ever have to go into a nursing home.
  • Understanding the rules for withdraws from IRAs and other tax-advantaged retirement accounts.
  • Developing a plan for withdrawing money during retirement to make your nest egg last.
  • Determining how to protect your heirs by structuring their inheritance so it is properly managed and will not be lost to divorce or bankruptcy.
  • Determining how to provide for a special needs relative so access to government benefits is not lost due to a gift or an inheritance.
  • Creating a plan for the management of your property and assets in case of incapacity due to injury or illness.
  • Creating a comprehensive estate plan so your money and assets can transfer without probate and/or without the assessment of estate taxes.

There are many financial planning tools that you can use, from the creation of trusts to the use of special types of investment accounts, that give you tax benefits. We can discuss your goals now and in the future and help you to identify the right approach to take to creating and carrying out a financial plan to achieve success.

How Can a Dallas, TX Financial Planning Lawyer Help You?

At Vermillion Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to bringing our knowledge of Texas law to your financial planning process. Our goal is to help ensure our clients can amass and protect wealth. No matter how much money you earn or where you are starting from, we’ll help you make a roadmap to financial security that you can follow. Give us a call now at (972) 366-7201 to learn more.

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