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The Assurance Of Longevity In Legal Service

When planning for long-term care and veterans’ benefits, continuity and assurance of service are of great importance. To address this concern, I often assure my clients that the plans and documents we establish together will continue to serve them beyond my life. Even if I were to suffer a sudden catastrophe, another attorney could easily step in and maintain the momentum we have established.

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The Value Of Experience In Estate Planning

In this profession, it’s not just about theoretical knowledge, but practical experiences and personal observations that truly matter. Over the past 20 years, I’ve encountered a wide variety of situations that have informed my practice and enriched my perspective. This wealth of experience not only helps me offer varied options to my clients, but it also allows me to be more empathetic, as I can draw from my memory bank of resolved cases.

Growing With Age: A Personal Journey

It’s often said that with age comes wisdom, and this is particularly true in the field of estate planning. It may take years to learn patience, to decipher what truly matters, and to let go of the things that don’t. I recall a friend’s father once advised me when I was particularly upset over an issue, “John, sounds to me like you’re majoring on the minors.” It was a lesson that has stayed with me, guiding me to focus on the significant aspects of life and to let go of minor irritations.

Prioritizing Dialogue In Estate Planning

In estate planning, we encourage open communication and dialogue. For instance, instead of making rash decisions like disinheriting a non-communicative child, we advise clients to reach out and try to reestablish contact. Or in cases of family disputes, we recommend holding family meetings to find common ground and possibly a resolution. We understand that miscommunication can lead to misinformed decisions, and we strive to facilitate clear and effective communication among all parties involved.

A Continual Commitment To Legal Service

Much like Boone Pickens, a successful oil man who worked until his last day, I share a similar sentiment. While I may take more vacations as I grow older, I don’t intend to quit working. My firm and I will continue to serve our clients and use our expertise and experiences to navigate complex situations and find the best solutions for their needs. This, I believe, is what sets us apart.

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