What Is an Ethical Will?

What Is an Ethical Will? - Asset Protection & Business Planning Lawyer - Dallas, Texas Estate planning can be looked at in a couple of different ways. You could do the bare minimum so that you have basic protections in place, or you could go the extra mile and engage in the process of legacy planning.

When you proactively shape your legacy, you take control of the way that you will be remembered after you are gone. Legacy planning can include a number of different actions, including the authoring of an ethical will.

Rules to Live By

Throughout your life, younger family members have probably come to you seeking guidance during difficult times. You can leave behind financial resources to make things easier on your loved ones, and this can provide you with some peace of mind. However, the realization that you will no longer be around to provide personal guidance can be disconcerting.

People have experienced this feeling for centuries, and this is why ethical wills have been used since biblical times. You have probably heard of the estate planning document called the last will or last will and testament. This document is used to facilitate monetary assets transfers.

An ethical will has nothing to do with financial matters, and it is not legally binding in any way. At the same time, an ethical will can be an extremely valuable addition to your legacy plan. With an ethical will, you record your moral and spiritual values.

This is the traditional objective when an ethical will is created, but there are no hard and fast rules. You can share any information that you would like to when you author the document.

After you are gone, members of your family will be able to access the ethical will to gain an understanding of your values. This document can provide your loved ones with valuable insight whenever it is needed.

Free Report on Legacy Planning

An ethical will can be one important component within a broader, comprehensive legacy plan. If you would like to learn more about the process of legacy planning, we have a valuable resource that you can access through this website.

Our firm has prepared a series of special reports, and one of these reports is dedicated to the subject of legacy planning. This report will provide information about charitable giving, family heirlooms, and many other legacy planning topics.

We are offering this report on a complimentary basis at the present time, so there is no risk involved. To obtain your copy of the special report, visit this page and follow the simple instructions: Legacy Planning Report.

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