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With Some Simple Medicaid Planning Tools, You Can Safeguard Your Medicaid Eligibility

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If you think that Medicaid is only for the very needy, think again. Medicaid is available to everyone, and it can help preserve your legacy as well as the assets that have taken you a lifetime to accumulate.

Define Medicaid Eligibility

The government sets certain Medicaid eligibility requirements to make sure that those that receive Medicaid assistance are those that need it the most. The criteria can vary from state to state.

What is Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid Planning offers techniques that might allow you to maintain your Medicaid eligibility without draining your entire estate. For example, thanks to Medicaid planning, under certain circumstances, you might be able to gift certain assets to loved ones now rather than wait until you die and still maintain your eligibility for Medicaid.

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  2. Why you need to plan ahead for the possibility that you might become disabled
  3. How to preserve your estate without disrupting your Medicaid eligibility

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