Free Report: Estate Planning and You

It is often easy for estate planning lawyers to forget that most people have little experience with the law, or estate planning itself. Before you begin your estate planning efforts, it’s valuable to take the time to learn some essential concepts that are involved in estate planning. Here are several key ideas you will want… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Elder Law: Question, Issues, and Answers

What You Need to Know About Elder Law: Question, Issues, and Answers from John Vermillion By preparing for the issues you will likely face as you age. Financial, healthcare, daily living, and other related issues can also be addressed by creating various elder law tools. Learn more about what you need to know about Elder Law in… Read more »

Dallas Nursing Home Costs on the Rise

The need for long-term care can be brought on by illness or serious injury.  In some situations, the need for assistance with daily activities often leads to long-term care need.  Unfortunate for seniors, the cost of long-term care continues to climb in our country.  According to some industry surveys, the average cost for a private… Read more »

Millionaire Growth in Dallas Spurs Estate Tax Concerns

As of 2013, there were 600,000 new millionaires reported in the United States.  This is the fast growth in millionaires in the country since the early 90s.  Most of these millionaires are being sourced by oil and technology.  As a result, Dallas has become the home of this record-breaking millionaire growth.  In fact, the number… Read more »

Does My Spouse Get Everything If I Die Without a Will?

There are people who fail to act from an estate planning perspective because they harbor certain misconceptions. If you are under the impression that the government will take care of everything in the ideal manner if you pass away without a will or any other estate planning documents, you are sorely mistaken. The condition that… Read more »

Will My Executor Be Required to File an Estate Tax Return?

If you utilize a last will as your asset transfer vehicle, the person who would handle the estate administration tasks after you are gone is called the executor or personal representative. When you create the will, you can nominate the person that you would like to empower to act as the executor. We should point… Read more »

Incapacity Planning FAQ: What Is the Correct Power of Attorney?

A comprehensive, properly constructed estate plan will account for end-of-life issues. While incapacity planning can seem like something that happens to a limited number of people, when you examine the facts, see that a very significant percentage of senior citizens become unable to handle all of their own decision making eventually. Studies have found that… Read more »

Why Would a Young Adult Need an Estate Plan?

Estate planning can seem like a subject that is only relevant to senior citizens. Obviously, the matter is going to be more pressing when you reach an advanced age. At the same time, if you think about it pragmatically, you will probably come to the conclusion that every responsible adult should have an estate plan… Read more »

Estate Tax Parameters Are Not Etched in Stone

The federal estate tax looms large for high net worth families. This death tax carries a top rate of 40 percent, so we are talking about a significant piece of your legacy. The good news is that most people are not exposed to the federal estate tax, because the exclusion or credit is relatively high…. Read more »

Retirement Planning: The Imperfect Storm

You may have gotten your first introduction to retirement planning when you secured your first career position. Many companies offer 401(k) plans, and in many cases, they will match employee contributions up to a certain amount. As you examine the paperwork, you may do the math and envision how much you may have in the… Read more »

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