Free Report: The Role of Fiduciaries in Your Estate Plan

Creating a comprehensive estate plan requires careful thought, foresight, and planning. Numerous decisions must be made during the course of your estate plan creation. Most people assume that decisions regarding the distribution of estate assets are among the most important decisions that need to be made in an estate plan. While those decisions are certainly… Read more »

Free Report: Texas Incapacity Planning – The Specifics

People who become incapacitated don’t just suddenly stop having to pay bills, manage their property, or deal with the other responsibilities that need to be looked after. This is why creating a statutory durable power of attorney is such an essential part of creating a comprehensive estate plan. Topics covered in this report include: Statutory… Read more »

Free Report: Revocable Living Trusts in Texas – Part2

A revocable living trust gives you some incapacity planning benefits. When you create your trust, you usually name yourself as the trust manager, or trustee. However, should you become incapacitated, you’ll need someone else to manage the trust for you. This person is called the successor trustee. Luckily, you can choose this person as well…. Read more »

Free Report: Texas Revocable Living Trusts – Part1

To better understand revocable living trusts, you first have to understand what a trust is. When most people hear of legal trusts, they think of tools that wealthy people used to pass inheritances on to their children or grandchildren. While this idea is somewhat accurate, it also leaves much out of the picture. A good… Read more »

Free Report: What You Need to Know About Texas Probate Process

The death of a family member or loved one is often filled with grief, loss, and confusion. In addition to the emotional turmoil a death often causes, someone must handle the legal aspects of the death. In Texas, this often requires probating the decedent’s estate. Probate is the legal process by which the debts of… Read more »

What Is a Medicaid Trust

What Is a Medicaid Trust from Jennifer Vermillion Medicaid is another government health insurance program. It is only available to people who are financially needy, but it does pay for long-term care.  Learn more about what is a medicaid trust in this presentation.

Free Report: What is Nursing Home Asset Protection

Everyone is aware of the fact that some senior citizens need help with their day-to-day needs, but you may be under the impression that you will not be among them when you attain senior status. In reality, the statistics tell a different tale. There is a very useful website that is maintained by the United… Read more »

Free Report: What are the Gift Tax Exclusions

If you are concerned about owing back taxes from all of those birthday gifts that you have given over the years, we have some good news for you. There are some gift tax exclusions that you can utilize to give tax-free gifts. One of them is the annual gift tax exclusion. Each calendar year, you can… Read more »

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