Include Incapacity Planning in your Overall Estate Plan

Having an estate plan is important for you and your family because it gives you the chance to decide now how you want your property distributed after your death. It also allows you to engage in incapacity planning, when your family will need the power to act on your behalf when you are unable to… Read more »

The Basics on Different Types of Trusts

When it comes time to plan for death or incapacity, estate planning is vital.  There are various estate planning tools, including wills and trusts, which are available to help create the comprehensive estate plan you need.  Planning for your future and the future of your family is important, as it allows you to determine who… Read more »

Using a Spendthrift Trust as Part of Your Estate Plan

Trusts are fundamentally agreements based on the trust and confidence between the trustee and the grantor, who is the person making the trust.  The trust agreement authorizes the trustee to administer the trust assets and distribute them to the beneficiaries named in the trust, according to the terms of the trust document.  A spendthrift trust… Read more »

Fatal Accident in Dallas County Reminds us of the Need for Estate Planning

On Labor Day this year, a 17-year-old was involved in a fatal car accident in Dallas County, after speeding through an intersection at 87 miles per hour.  She has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon following the death of the couple whose vehicle she struck.  The couple’s teenaged daughter survived the wreck. … Read more »

Free Report: Estate Planning and You

Estate planning is not an end goal, but more of a process. It involves evaluating your current situation, desires, and options, and creating legal tools that will help protect your choices. Because each of these variables change over time, so too will your estate plan have to change. Fortunately, once you have the right plan… Read more »

Pet Planning in Texas Infographic

When it comes to protecting your pet, no one does it better than you do. But what will happen to your pet when you are no longer around? Learn what a pet trust can do to you and your pet in this infographic.

Free Report: The Role of Fiduciaries in Your Estate Plan

Creating a comprehensive estate plan requires careful thought, foresight, and planning. Numerous decisions must be made during the course of your estate plan creation. Most people assume that decisions regarding the distribution of estate assets are among the most important decisions that need to be made in an estate plan. While those decisions are certainly… Read more »

Free Report: Texas Incapacity Planning – The Specifics

People who become incapacitated don’t just suddenly stop having to pay bills, manage their property, or deal with the other responsibilities that need to be looked after. This is why creating a statutory durable power of attorney is such an essential part of creating a comprehensive estate plan. Topics covered in this report include: Statutory… Read more »

Free Report: Revocable Living Trusts in Texas – Part2

A revocable living trust gives you some incapacity planning benefits. When you create your trust, you usually name yourself as the trust manager, or trustee. However, should you become incapacitated, you’ll need someone else to manage the trust for you. This person is called the successor trustee. Luckily, you can choose this person as well…. Read more »

Free Report: Texas Revocable Living Trusts – Part1

To better understand revocable living trusts, you first have to understand what a trust is. When most people hear of legal trusts, they think of tools that wealthy people used to pass inheritances on to their children or grandchildren. While this idea is somewhat accurate, it also leaves much out of the picture. A good… Read more »

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