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How to Avoid Probate Court

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Participating in a Texas Probate court can be a long, drawn-out process. The proceedings can become contested when transferring a deceased person’s personal assets to a family member. Having the right estate plan that does account for beneficiaries avoids probate court proceedings. Thus, it is wise to have Vermillion Law Firm LLC as they have… Read more »

Who Needs An Estate Plan?

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Who Needs An Estate Plan? There is often a common belief that estate planning is only for the wealthy because they are the ones that hold substantial assets. However, this is untrue. Everyone should consider asset planning. Even if you do not have valuable art, an expensive home, businesses, or a large Individual Retirement Account… Read more »

Texas Probate Basics

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Are you considering whether you need a probate lawyer to guide you through an estate administration? Probate lawyers provide invaluable assistance, especially for complicated estates. Probate lawyers are specialists in assisting a Personal Representative through the entire probate process. Since the laws in each state differ when it comes to the rules governing probate proceedings,… Read more »

Texas Estate Planning Tip Sheet

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Tip 1. Your estate is what you leave behind after you die. Everyone has an estate. Whether you are wealthy, old, young, a parent, single, or anything else, you have, or more specifically will have, an estate. Your estate is simply the collection of possessions, money, and other property you leave behind after you die,… Read more »

What Is a TOD or POD Account?

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There are numerous different ways that you can arrange for assets to be transferred to your loved ones after you pass away. In truth, the best way to decide would be to discuss everything with an estate planning attorney. There is no reason to expect a layperson to understand all the options that are out… Read more »

What Is Probate?

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People sometimes make assumptions with regard to estate planning that are incorrect. You may assume that assets are distributed immediately after your death when you use a last will to facilitate asset transfers. This is not the case. Before the heirs receive their inheritances, the estate must pass through the process of probate. Estate Administration… Read more »

Why Would Someone Avoid Probate?

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The process of estate planning is often whittled down to the creation of a last will. This is a shortsighted viewpoint, because there are other options, and a last will might not be the best choice. Many people do not understand the fact that a will must be admitted to probate, and there are some… Read more »

So You’ve Been Named Executor. What Now?

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If you are ever asked by someone to serve as the executor of an estate, you should realize that accepting the position means you will have specific responsibilities when that person dies. Your primary duty as an executor will be to manage the estate through probate. While many of the concerns people have about probate… Read more »

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