Pet Planning

Pet Planning in Texas Infographic

When it comes to protecting your pet, no one does it better than you do. But what will happen to your pet when you are no longer around? Learn what a pet trust can do to you and your pet in this infographic.

Estate Planning Is for Everyone

The process of estate planning is often thought of as something that is only important for people who have reached an advanced age. We all know that  senior citizens are more likely to pass away than their younger counterparts, but in truth,  all responsible adults should have an estate plan in place. There have been… Continue Reading

A Pet Trust Can Facilitate Senior Pet Ownership

There are many challenges that you can face as a senior citizen. Unfortunately, loneliness is one of them. When you retire, you no longer have daily interactions with coworkers, and this is part of the equation. Plus, your children and grandchildren are going to have lives of their own, and they may even live out… Continue Reading

Pet Planning in Texas: Facing the Future With Your Pet

If you are approaching old age and are currently living with a pet, there are several questions you need to ask yourself as you get older. Living with a pet can be a great benefit to you, as numerous studies have shown that pet owners enjoy lower levels of depression, better heart rates, and lower… Continue Reading