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Long-Term Care Clouding Boomer Retirement Picture

Posted by & filed under Estate Planning.

For baby boomers approaching retirement, considering the potential impact that long-term care costs might have on your retirement plan is vital. Whether you are single or married, the unexpected need for you or your spouse to transfer to a nursing home or elder care facility can leave your retirement plan in shambles. If you have… Read more »

Your Estate Plan and Your Digital Will in Texas

Posted by & filed under Estate Planning, Wills.

Today, computer technology, digital documents, and the Internet allow you to do shop online, file your taxes electronically, and share every thought you have with friends at every moment. But while computers have become indelible parts of our day-to-day lives, the law is not exactly up to date when it comes to technology. This is… Read more »

Some Commonly Asked Estate Planning Questions

Posted by & filed under Estate Planning.

The estate planning process is something that everyone should do, but it’s also something that far too few people actually get around to doing. The average person doesn’t know a lot about estate planning, and what you don’t know can be harmful. To take some of the mystery out of the estate planning process, let’s… Read more »

Practical Tips for Selecting the Right Elder Care Facility

Posted by & filed under Elder Law.

Last week we wrote about the different types of elder care facilities and the types of amenities they typically offer. This week we’re going to discuss some practical tips you can use once you begin investigating facilities you’ve identified. These tips are designed to help you determine whether an elder care facility is right for… Read more »

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